If you are searching for an Asian egg donor, you may have already run into challenges with fertility clinics that simply were not able to meet your needs. Here at Pinnacle Egg Bank, we not only understand the importance of having access to eggs that are ethnically diverse, but we have also built up a considerable expertise in this area over several years, including forging strong relationships with our East Asian egg donors.

Asian Egg Donor Bank

Our donors at Pinnacle Egg Bank represent Asian and Asian mixed ethnicity donors from a variety of backgrounds, including:

  • Chinese egg donors
  • Taiwanese egg donors
  • Korean egg donors
  • Japanese egg donors
  • Filipino egg donors

We are especially proud of the quality of our Asian egg donors, as they all go through a rigorous medical, psychological, and genetic screening process, before their profile can be listed online in our Pinnacle Egg Bank. In addition, many of our Asian egg donors are proven, meaning they have completed successful egg donation cycles that resulted in pregnancies.

Why Are Asian Eggs In Such High Demand?

Asian egg donors are not as available as other ethnic groups, so the supply of Asian donor eggs is limited, particularly Chinese, Korean, and Japanese eggs. Compounding the difficulty in supply, a 2006 study showed that Asian American women utilized fertility treatment clinics more than four times that of the general U.S. population.

Also, some countries such as China prohibit unmarried women from taking advantage of fertility treatments, and many of these women come to the United States to obtain these services. In short, Asian egg donors are in high demand!

Frozen Asian Donor Eggs

We have frozen Asian donor eggs available at our Pinnacle Egg Bank and these eggs can be secured immediately. Although you may have read that fresh eggs have a higher success rate than frozen donor eggs,  because of advances in egg freezing technology, as well as experience and expertise of our team, our frozen donor eggs have a comparable rate of success with fresh eggs.

This gives prospective parents more flexibility and a greater choice of donors. Using frozen donor eggs also avoids the need to synchronize the cycles of the donor and the egg recipient. When it comes to expense, frozen and fresh eggs cost exactly the same ($3,725 per egg). Using frozen eggs for IVF may be a more economical choice for intended parents who wish for only 1 child; it is possible to secure a batch of a minimum of six eggs, while the initial batch of fresh eggs is typically eight.

Asian Egg Donors Available For Fresh Cycles

If you wish to use fresh Asian donor eggs, here is where Pinnacle Egg Bank really stands out. Unlike other egg donor agencies whose donors only start medical screening once secured for a fresh cycle, all of our donors are medically pre-screened. Our rigorous egg donor screening process avoids the disappointment and stress of the cycle being canceled should the donor fail medical, psychological or genetic testing.

With fresh donor cycles, we fertilize the eggs on the day of retrieval, using fresh or frozen sperm. After fertilization, the embryos are left to develop to 5 days and can then be transferred to the uterus of either the intended mother or the surrogate. Alternatively, the embryos can be biopsied for sex selection or chromosomal abnormalities testing, frozen and transferred at a later stage.

Cost of Asian Donor Eggs

Understandably, one of the first questions we get from intended parents is “How much does it cost to use Asian donor eggs?” First of all, costs are going to vary from individual to individual as it depends on the number of children desired and whether we perform Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGT-A) to determine embryo health or sex.

When shipping to an affiliated clinic, the cost of donor eggs is a follows:

Base Eggs are
$2,850 each

Standard Eggs are
$3,300 each

Premier Eggs are
$3,725 each

Shipping is an additional flat fee of $950 and securing a minimum of 6 frozen eggs is required. Unfortunately we are not able to ship eggs internationally at this time.

How to Choose an Asian Egg Donor?

Once you have made the decision to use donated eggs, you will need to choose your Asian egg donor. At Pinnacle Egg Bank, we are by your side every step of the process, guiding you from finding your egg donor to embryo transfer and pregnancy. We have close working relationships with all our egg donors and will not only provide insight on choosing an egg donor but will work with you to identify and establish the most important elements of your pregnancy journey.

There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing your egg donor, including physical appearance, the egg donor’s personality, and of course, her medical history. Appearance is a very personal choice, with many intended parents choosing an egg donor who has similar physical characteristics in common with them. Other parents have a more idealized picture of what they hope their child will look like and please be assured, this is not unusual. After all, all parents have images in their minds of the child they hope to have.

The egg donor’s level of education or academic ability is important for some parents as well. As with appearance, there is no guarantee your child will inherit any traits from the egg donor. We discuss this topic in depth in our ‘Donor Eggs Epigenetics: Will The Baby Look Like Me’ blog.

All of our egg donors go through a rigorous medical, genetic and psychological screening process and those with inheritable conditions will not qualify to be a donor. If a donor has a condition with mild symptoms or unproven genetic risk, she may still qualify. In all of these cases, any such conditions will be disclosed in the egg donor’s profile. You can learn more about choosing your egg donor in our blog post here.

An Integrated Asian Egg Donor Program

Here at Pinnacle Egg Bank, we take an integrated approach, and offer all the services that someone who is using Asian donor eggs to have a baby may need, including:

Dedicated Chinese Speaking Coordinators

Our team includes full-time Chinese speaking Asian Egg Donation Coordinators.

You can contact our Asian Egg Donor Program coordinators online, or by calling our office on (310) 566 1470.

Pinnacle Surrogacy – Our Affiliated Surrogacy Agency

Surrogacy (where the surrogate carries the baby for someone else), makes it possible for single men, women, gay male couples, and heterosexual couples who cannot conceive naturally to start their own families. Surrogacy is also an important option for women to have children without risking pregnancy issues related to age, or for younger mothers whose medical conditions mean they are unable to carry a healthy pregnancy to term.

As part of our integrated approach, we also offer the option of working with Pinnacle Surrogacy, our affiliated surrogacy agency. We have many years of experience and success in supporting our patients through their surrogacy journeys, and our dedicated staff are all previous surrogates who are here to guide you throughout the whole surrogacy process. We have years of experience coordinating surrogacy journeys for stateside clients as well as international patients who choose to use a surrogate.

We only work with surrogates who reside in states that are surrogacy friendly, so as to avoid undue stress on you and make the process as straightforward as possible. Of course, all of our surrogates are medically and psychologically screened and available for immediate matching.

Pinnacle Surrogacy works exclusively with gestational surrogates who have been carefully screened. A gestational surrogate means that the surrogate carries the intended mother’s egg or a donor egg, which is fertilized by either the intended father’s or a donor’s sperm. A gestational surrogate is not genetically related to the child and does not share her DNA with the baby she carries. This avoids any complicated legal and emotional issues which may arise in traditional surrogacy. Plus, all our surrogates are mothers themselves and are dedicated to helping families bring their children into the world.

Please explore our articles to learn more about the cost of surrogacysurrogacy success rateshow to find a surrogate and more.

We would like to cordially invite you to contact us online or call our patient coordinators on (310) 566 14 70. We’ll make sure that all your questions get answered. We can’t wait to meet you and to have the opportunity to assist you in your journey!

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